Dorcel VR technical FAQ

DORCEL VR provides a full panoramic 360° 3D TECHNOLOGY 

360° 3D experiences

From top to bottom, left to right as if you were there. 

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Binaural sound

The sound is matching to your moves.

Various experiences

Switch from being an actor to being a director for MARC DORCEL. Soon new experiences available.

Compatible with all headsets

Our videos are compatible with all headsets of the market, see some examples:

Technical FAQ about dorcel VR How to run the common Headsets:

VR Cardboard

FREE VR PLAYER (available on iOS and Android)

1) Download the FREE PLAYER VR application on your Smartphone
For IPhone : here / For Android : here

2) Download the video on your computer
On iPhone, you can transfer the video in applying VR PLAYER FREE via Itunes.
On Android, you can transfer the video using a USB cable and copy the file in the \Movies\FREE VR of your smartphone.

3) Launch the app FREE VR PLAYER
Go to “My Videos” and then start the video.

Samsung Gear VR

OCULUS (available only on Samsung Smartphone)

1) Download the video on your computer

2) Connect your Smartphone to your computer
Use USB cable to connect your Smartphone.

3) Copy the video to your Smartphone
Copy the video file in this folder on your smartphone:
(create the folders if they don’t exist on your Smartphone)

4) Connect your Smartphone to your Samsung Gear VR
From the Home screen, access the application Oculus 360 videos.
Select the video and start playing.

Oculus Rift

VR PLAYER (available on PC / Mac)

1) Install the VR PLAYER application on your computer
Download here

2) Download the video on your computer

3) Plug your headset Oculus Rift

4) Launch the app VR PLAYER
Play video via the application.

Click here if you have any more technical FAQ about DORCEL VR


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