VirtualRealPorn technical FAQ

Are you a new VR user and need some information how to get ready for VirtualRealPorn?


What devices work with VRP?

PC / Mac:

  • Oculus DK2
  • Oculus DK1
  • HTC Vive



VirtualRealPlayer v0.7.10 beta

To play the VRP videos you can download the VRP VirtualRealPlayer directly from the VRP website.

This free Videoplayer works for all available content on VRP, it is compatible with Oculus Rift, DK1 & DK2, HTC Vive and OSVR HDK. You find information how to use operatings systems like Windows, Samsung Gear VR and also Android and iPhone. The application automatically loads the best configuration for every video, you can also customize it and saving it for later watching.

VRP recommends that you visit the HTC Vive thread in order to avoid problems such as flipped image or black screen. It is also recommended to calibrate your HTC Vive for the seated mode. If you still experience any problems, please visit the Troubleshoot section on VRP


  • Oculus Rift/DK2/DK1 (check the system requirements here) or OSVR HDK
  • PC Windows
  • Oculus Runtime for Windows V0.6.0.1 or higher (V0.7.0.0 for Windows 10)
  • You can also use Oculus Runtime for Windows V1.3 (Download from Oculus)
  • GPU (graphics card) with support for DirectX 11
  • Latest Nvidia/AMD drivers (Nvidia recommendations)
  • Active Internet connection for running the app
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages: [1][2][3][4][5]
  • Bluetooth for Lovense and Kiiroo Compatibility


FREE Player

Steam VR mode

Config\GeneralConfig.txt -> vr_mode=SVR

HERE you find more technical FAQ about the VRP contents and how to download the free VIRTUALREALPLAYER


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